10 Coolest Small Businesses Ideas You Can Start with Your Kids

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best small business ideas you can start with your child:

  • Tutoring service provider

Tutoring can pay a surprisingly large amount, tutors can often charge far above minimum wage for a tutoring session. Teenagers who are good at math, science or any subject can make a boatland based on this.

  • Bike repairmen

Bike repairing is a very lucrative business, I personally did this with my own child and made over 100$ on a particularly bad day.

  • Babysitter

Baby-sitting is a great business opportunity for kids who actually enjoy hanging out with small children, be careful to note that many kids are not like this.

  • Pet sitter

Yes, there are people who PAY for people to sit their pets, it’s a great business to try if your child especially likes pets and animals.

  • Content Creator

Many kids can be very creative and content creators, have them try writing YouTube videos or ebooks and see how they do.

  • Car wash operator

Children can offer car washes to people in your local area to see how much they can earn from it, it can give quite a lot of money especially to workers who know what to do.

  • Snow Removal

Snow removal pays a decent amount, for shoveling an entire driveway you can probably earn 50 dollars or more with a kid.

  • Websites

Building a website can be a very profitable business opportunity for a teenager, especially because teens are much more likely to be able to do it. Try it out.

  • Review toys!

Toys are often sought after by kids, so kids should be the ones reviewing them. Kids can make a boatland reviewing toys, visit Toy Review Experts to see an example of a great website reviewing toys!…

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